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Care concept

Without any visual components, the rooms ‘Spelt, Koolzaad, Lijnzaad and Kafferkoren’ are furnished for you as a care client. The furniture is functional and comfortable to make your stay more enjoyable.

Your hostess Katy is an empathic and technically skilled nurse, who surrounds you with the best of care in a specially designed nurse cabinet, or if necessary in your own bedroom.

This unique care concept is the solution after a hospital discharge, when you are not ready to return home because of a physical or mental problem, or simply if your home has not been adjusted yet, to the new circumstances.

This concept can be a solution by a takeover of your personal caretakers; to spend holidays without any worries or you don’t want to depend on third parties. It can be a refuge if the waiting list for service flats or nursing homes gets too long.

Nurse Cabinet

Apart from the hotel department, ‘Au coeur du Spinois’ also offers ambulatory nursing care.

Are you still mobile? Do you feel the need to get treated by one nurse? Do you want to adjust “care” to your personal needs?

Then our nurse cabinet could be your perfect partner in care! You can contact our cabinet for oncological treatments such as disconnecting your chemotherapy catheter, flushing a port catheter or general oncological wound care.

Apart from this, all sorts of other therapies are applied, as intravenous iron preparations, vitamins, antibiotics, et cetera.

Also for the treatment of simple to complex wound care, we have the necessary knowledge and experience. We are also familiar with setting wicks, removing of redon drains, changing bandages in vacuum therapy …..

At the nurse cabinet you can get all treatments provided in home nursing care. Blood tests also are performed by our nurse.

The payment of several treatments is mainly covered by your health insurance, if they are prescribed by a physician and covered by the nomenclature.